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How many times have you asked someone to speed up my computer?  The search is over.  Although most people would have you believe there are many mysteries behind computer speed, it's actually pretty straight forward.

There are two ways that you can get more speed from your computer, first is hardware, second is software.  If you have an old computer, it may just be that it's time for an upgrade.  Generally speaking if you bought a computer that is two years old or newer, software is an option.

Once you have your computer speed where you want it, you may find your internet connection still isn't the greatest.  I always speed up my internet any chance I get, I'd recommend you do the same since most of the time doing so won't cost you anything.  Start with getting a lower ping to help your in game performance.

TIP! If your computer is older than two years, and you are unhappy with the speed it might be time to buy or build a new computer if this speed up my computer page doesn't get you the results you're after.


We'll go through this in a step by step list, follow this list down, if you're asked to restart please do so after each step.


If you've been through all of the steps above and still have a slow computer lets check out your hardware.

  • Step 1 - For very little money, add a USB jump drive to your computer and enable Windows readyboost.
  • Step 2 - RAM, to check and see how much RAM you are using, run a program called Taskmgr.  Push CTRL ALT Delete at the same time.  For Windows Vista and 7, click on start task manager after you push CTRL ALT Delete.  Click on the performance tab when task manager pops up.  If the available physical memory is 70% or more of total physical memory when you are running your typically used programs, you will need more RAM.  
  • Step 3 - If the motherboard you currently have does not support more RAM, it is more cost effective to build, or buy a whole new computer.  Check your motherboard manufacturers website with your motherboard model number in hand to see if you can add RAM, and what kind you need.  

TIP! The easy way to get your motherboard model number, get CPU-Z, you can find that here.  Install and run the program, click on the motherboard tab to find your information.

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Updated October 14 2013

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