Lose your Data, or get a Computer Backup

Most people will not do a computer backup until they learn the lesson of lost information the hard way.  I am no exception, I lost a lot of valuable contacts, pictures and files from failing to backup.  If your hard drive has already failed, let's try some hard drive repair software and see if we can't get your information back.

To backup up information, you will need some external way or storing the information and files.  An external hard drive, or a  USB drive are very good methods to backup your computer.  Or if you prefere, get a hard drive and a USB hard drive case and make your own computer backup drive.

If you want to be sure your data is 100% safe.  I use backup internet software to get my backups done for me.  You can get a couple of gigabytes of backup for free, if it's not enough room, upgrade to an unlimited package for a small monthly fee.  An online photo backup is a great idea since this is something you really don't want to lose.

If you like to keep your folders the same on multiple computers, the solution for you may be the best PC backup software I could find.  Whether the device is portable, a laptop, personal computer, the internet, or even a MAC, this software will do all it can do keep a designated folder the same on all of them.

TIP! Any time you are backing anything up, don't compress or archive, just do a straight file copy.  If a part of the archive becomes damaged your backup is useless.

Let's back it up.

  • Backup Computer Files - Any program that asks to you save a file to a location on your computer.  To backup simply make a copy of all the files in this location to an external drive.
  • Backup Microsoft Outlook - The method I like to use is to export all the files and folders to a pst file.  Then I save this file to my external drive.
  • Firefox Backup - Save all your shortcuts that you have found over the years.
If you really want to do the most for your computers reliability, get a computer battery backup.  If you already have a battery backup, don't forget to replace the computer backup batteries when they need replacing.  Power surges, brownouts, blackouts, or any unstable power are really hard on sensitive electronics, battery backups help your computer be the most reliable.

A good battery backup unit will not only shut down your computer properly for you, if the current to your computer is too high or low, it will also stabilize the power.  

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Updated October 14 2013

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