How to Assemble a Computer

There are many ways to learn how to assemble a computer.  For the purpose of this webpage I will show you only one.  This is a video step by step method.  This is the way that I learn the best, so it's what I'll pass on to you.

Below, you can find a sample of the videos you can watch on this website, you can hear me chat away about what goes where.  If you follow the guide how to build a computer on this site, it will guide you through that videos at the correct time to make sure all the pieces fit together.

RAM Installation Video

So why choose unedited?  It's simple, for those wanting to learn, they will get more out of seeing how I deal with problems on the fly, not panicking, and get a system together.  Plus for those of you that think it's not that simple, you can see for yourself.  A system today is about planning, learning how to assemble a computer is only a very small part.

For those serious about learning the skill of building computers it's a great place to start.  The build is straight forward because I find that getting that one out of the way for anyone is great.  Then you can tackle something a little more advanced like a raid setup, or multiple video cards without being as timid.

The DVD is currently available for $14.99 with $4.99 shipping to those living in the USA and Canada.

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Updated October 14 2013

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