The Best Computer Power Supply

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The best computer power supply is exactly what the name states.  It will convert the AC current into the DC current that a computer needs.  It will supply a very stable power going into your computer, all the time.

I've used Ultra as a primary brand for some time, they've been rock solid no matter what I put them in.  The real big factor that sold me on them is when I changed from a well known brand to Ultra and got an immediate increase in my overclock while reducing voltage.  Stable power = good.

The Best Large Computer Power Supply

The 850w modular Ultra power supplyicon is the answer if you have multiple video cards or a lot of peripherals and also want a cleaner inside of the computer case.  I would only go this large when I cross over to 2 video cards or a video card and more than 4 drives (SSD, hard drives or disk drives), if you stay at less the one below will be fine.

The Best Computer Power Supply for Common Builds

Another Ultra, but, this time the 750wicon .  Straight forward reliable that will increase overclocking results because of stable power.  Yes it's that simple.  Best.

How I Pick a Power Supply

When it comes to choosing a power supply, the first thing I want is reliable clean power.  This is usually not easy to find out.  It's kind of a trial by fire thing.  Next, it must be efficient, if you can buy a power supply with an 80+ rating it's going to be more efficient than one without.  After that, I just check to make sure it has the plugs and enough wattage rating for the computer components it will be running.

TIP! If you're really not sure what to buy, bigger is better, it will run more efficiently because it is not under high or full demand.

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Updated October 14 2013

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