The Best CPU

The best CPU for your build will probably relate most to your budget than any other factor.  What I've done to make it simpler is list a couple of the current CPU's on the market that perform very well for the dollar amount you'll pay for them.

Beside the CPU, you'll find a number of a motherboard that will work well with that CPU, use the column on the right to find my recommendations for that CPU.  I've checked reviews and benchmarks to make sure you'll get the best for your money.


Pictured here is an AMD Athlon 7850BE

TIP! It's best not to be brand specific, sometimes this will mean buying AMD, other times it will be Intel.


Intel® Core™ i7-4820K (LGA2011)icon - Will fit on Motherboard 1.  Multicore high end CPU for serious workload whether video editing or gaming.  For this option, you will also need to choose a CPU Cooler.


AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 (AM3+)icon - Will fit on Motherboard 4.  A great budget CPU that would work very well in a gaming computer.


Intel Core i5-3570K (LGA1155)icon - Will fit on motherboard 2 or 3.  More of a desktop or home CPU but it still packs enough punch to be used in a gaming pc.

How I Choose the Best CPU

This for me is probably one of the easiest parts to pick.  I simply want the most power for the least amount of money.  I look at two benchmarks, performance at the regular clock speed, then performance at the max average overclock.  Next I try to find the maximum average performance I can afford for my budget.

The only time I won't use the above is if the processor has a bad history or either overheating or just not performing very well under heavy workload.  If this is the case I'll pick the next contender which will likely perform better over time.  A lightning fast computer is no good if it breaks down or crashes frequently when squeezed.

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Updated October 14 2013

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