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Knowing how to build a gaming computer is exactly the same as building a regular computer.  The difference is simply where you spend the money.  Having more RAM and a really nice video card are really going to help your gaming experience.  If this is your first computer build, you might want to read build a computer online on this site as a starting point.

Although many people don't realize it, having a good internet connection for any games played online is just as important.  That's why having a gaming router or using software to prioritize your internet can be just as important.

Read the page below if you're building a gaming computer.  This is going to give your computer the extra power to give you a better gaming experience.  Once you're done make sure you head over to How To Build A Computer, where we will go into detail about the entire process of building the computer.  

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When picking out parts, especially when you build a gaming computer, make sure you have at least 4GB, preferably 6GB of high quality RAM that is as fast as your motherboard will support.  If your motherboard supports it, run it in dual channel or multiple channels.  RAM is important because now data is loaded instantly instead of having to be found by your hard drive.

Video Card

Spend somewhere around 20 to 25% of your budget on your video card.  Try to pick a card with at least 1GB of on board RAM.  The extra RAM on the card really will help your video performance when it comes to big maps or a lot of things happening on screen at once.  


If you have and extra $100 in your budget, and your motherboard supports it, buy multiple hard drives and make a raid computer.  This will help your system chew through loading maps or game loading.  Or you could also get a solid state hard drive as they've finally come down in price.  Unless you've got a seperate controller, stay away from a SATA raid 5 as the writes will be really slow.

If you have a slow, or poor internet and are planning on doing online gaming, think about reserving some of your computer building budget, and instead use it for an internet connection upgrade.  

Gaming Router

If you share your internet connection with others in your house, or if you constantly have multiple programs that use the internet, get a gaming router.  You can set them to let your video games have priority over other things, like torrents.  

Since ping time is everything when it comes to gaming online, let me show you how to have a lower ping with a simple easy trick that works on just about any configuration.

If you don't need a router, but would still like being able to set which programs get priority over your internet access, head over to the speed up my internet page

Take a look at some classic arcade games which should run on just about any home PC.

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Updated October 14 2013

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