Speed Up My Internet

I'll show you a couple of quick things I did to speed up my internet.  It should take us less than ten minutes to complete.  The best part, it's going to be free.

A big part of how fast web pages load, depends on the internet package you got from your Internet Service Provider, or ISP.  Personally, I find 3 mbps to be a very comfortable speed for me.  Most people would be happy with 1 mbps.  If you would like to see the speed of your internet connection, head over to Speedtest. 

Since most ISPs these days offer well over the minimum speed to comfortably surf, this is rarely an issue, if your ping is high in game, let me show you how to get a lower ping.

  • Step 1 - Get yourself a faster browser, I recommend Firefox.  Download and install that program and use it to view your web pages.  
  • Step 2 - Go to Opendns, follow the instructions listed there under use Opendns.  This will help you change your DNS server.  A DNS server tells your browser where to go to get the information, you type in www.google.ca, it converts the text you type into an address.  Opendns is most likely just going to be faster than what you are using now.  
  • Step 3 - If you like to upload or download large files, or use programs like torrents, run them after you go to sleep.  If you really must use these programs, make sure you read the information below.  

If you want to be able to download whenever you like, and you have a router, see if your router supports packet scheduling.  If it does, log into your router, and change the programs you want to the highest priority.

If you don't have a router, or your router does not support packet scheduling, there is still a program that can do this for you.  Cfosspeed is what I used until I bought a router that has this feature built in.  It comes with a free trial, so give it a try if you run multiple programs that have heavy internet usage.

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