Interviews with information resources.

There are many information resources on the internet, any interview that I will be putting in this section is from someone who meets the following criteria.

None of the interviews listed here have been paid for, or will ever be paid for.  The questions asked here are from me.

  • They must have a website where information about computers or it's components that a home user would find beneficial.
  • Information will be given without a catch 22.  You don't have to commit to anything to read and learn.
  • There must be an opinion that I believe is that of the individual, not influenced by anything other than experience and other end user experiences.
  • Have an honest desire to help other people learn more about using computers at home.

If you believe any of the interviews on this site conflict with any of the points listed above, please don't hesitate to comment on the form below.  I take my commitment to providing valid information only to those visisting this site very seriously.

If you have a site that you feel will add value to a home computer user, you may also use the form below to contact me about getting your link listed here.

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The Interviews

August 20 2010

Interview with Daniel Hand from Computer Repair Blog.

August 9 2010

Interview with Sallie Goetsch from Fileslinger.

October 9 2009

Interview with Michael Thomas from GPUreview.

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