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If you would like to share free computer tips that no one else knows about, share them here. Whether its a way to make Windows boot faster, or get a faster overclock.

Remember, some things you take for granted, other people would love to learn how to do easily.

You are also welcome to share any tricks you have learned.  Have you found a great shortcut to make your life easier?

This page is started because I know for myself, when I help someone on the computer, I frequently get asked, what I just did.  Or how did you do that?  I take way too much for granted.  This is a place where people that are still learning new tricks on the computer weekly can share these tricks with people just starting out.

I still remember how excited I was when I realized Window Key + D will get you to the desktop on a computer.  I know it sounds silly, but the little things really make the computer experience everything it can be.

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32 bit vs 64 bit Operating System  starstarstarstarstar
When purchasing a new computer, be careful of salespeople selling you more memory than you need. Microsoft operating systems (Vista, Windows 7) are available ...

Solid State Drive Pagefile  starstarstar
Since solid state drives have a limited number of reads and writes before they just can't be written to anymore. I would suggest putting the Windows page ...

How to convert the old FAT 32 file system in xp to Latest NTFS file system  Not rated yet
How to make your fat 32 file system into Ntfs file system

why ntfs...........?
NTFS stands for new technology of file system.It is much effective in ...

Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows  Not rated yet
There are a ton of different computer keyboard functions. I will share with you the most common ones. The ones that I use on a daily basis.
CTRL key ...

More Thermal Paste Isn't Better  Not rated yet
I recently tried a different kind of thermal compound that I hadn't used before. Instead of reading the instructions, I applied the paste the way I always ...

Defragment Your Hard Drive  Not rated yet
If you Windows and want to speed up your computer, defragment your hard drive regularly.

As you use your, close, and delete files...pieces ...

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