Solid State Drive Pagefile

by Dave

Since solid state drives have a limited number of reads and writes before they just can't be written to anymore. I would suggest putting the Windows page file on a different hard drive. Or even better, add enough RAM so you can turn it off all together. Doing this should greatly increase the life of a solid state hard drive.

My current Windows 7 setup has 4GB of RAM, and the page file is disabled on all of my hard drives. I have no stability issues at all. I actually can't notice any difference with the page file on or off in any of my programs.

For those who aren't sure what the page file is. It is simply a way of the computer to use RAM when none is available. It uses hard drive memory in the place of actual memory. This is never a desired effect, but if you don't have enough RAM, having a page file is very important for Windows to function properly.

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