The Best Computer Monitor for You

The best computer monitor, although probably the most subjective component, I have listed below are a couple of choices that I believe offer a great value, have great features, and reviews to back it up.

best computer monitor

Solid Monitor - 24" Asus

Asusicon comes up with a 24" LED suitable for gaming, or home computer use.

Touch Screen Monitor - 27" Planar

Planaricon comes up with a 27" touch screen for home or office use.

TIP! Try to be brand specific if you pick out your own monitor.  If you can, look at at before you buy it.

How I Judge the Best Computer Monitor

  1. Technology - There are many different ways to get an image on the monitor, I prefer current proven methods that are energy efficient.
  2. Size - I only look for 16 x 9 aspect ratio monitors.  Almost all devices and media are designed for it, if you go with a standard square monitor, you will be missing out.
  3. Brand - Although very subjective, it's what I like to look at.  I've seen the color and contrast and the image appeals to me.  If you have different taste, be sure to buy something you enjoy looking at.  Take a peak at a local computer store, I'm sure you'll see what I mean.  Typically same brand names with a year will produce very similar results.
  4. Inputs - I confirm it has the inputs I need.
  5. Resolution - I verify it can supports at least 1920 x 1080, computer speak for 1080p.

If you wish to pick out your own computer monitor, take a couple of really bright daylight pictures to display on the monitor along with some low light and black and white pictures.  If you're really picky, this will help simplify the decision for you.

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Updated October 14 2013

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