Windows Readyboost Is Cheap Speed

Windows readyboost is a great way to get some more speed out of your computer, whether you have a lot of RAM or not.  It is probably best compared to adding RAM. The major difference being that you do not loose the information on the flash disk when you power off your computer.

With readyboost enabled, Windows can now store data that is requested often on the readyboost drive, the pagefile, and also on RAM.

I recently added a USB jump drive to my system and made it available for readyboost to see what some of the benefits were.  I noticed the following,

  • My bootups became noticeably faster.
  • Applications I use frequently launch quicker.
  • Working with really large files, over the 3GB were faster, this could really benefit users that do video editing.

When comparing some of the other ways you can increase the speed of a computer, this one is definitely a good option because of the price.  USB jump drives are really cheap and available everywhere.  The other great thing is computers usually don't have a shortage of available ports.  Another great plus side is you don't even need to shutdown Windows because the drives are plug and play.

Although you should see some performance gains within a couple of hours, give Windows a week to adjust to the new optional storage to make the best use of the drive.

Enabling Windows Readyboost

Turning this function on is really easy.  Windows will automatically let you know if your USB jump drive is fast enough to benefit your system.
  • Step 1 - Insert the USB drive you want to use for readyboost into a free USB port on your computer.
  • Step 2 - Open up My Computer, then right click on the drive you just added and click on properties.
  • Step 3 - Click on the readyboost tab on the top.
  • Step 4 - Select use this device, and leave the amount of memory set to the default.  Click on apply, then OK.

That's it, your all done.  Now simply keep on using your computer just like you have in the past.  Windows 7 will continue to fine tune this drive to help your system be as fast as possible.

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