Use this Computer Maintenance Checklist to Keep your PC Fast as New

If your not sure how to keep your PC maintained, this computer maintenance checklist is the way to go.  Simply complete the items on the list from the top down. If you need any help with any of the items, or you're not sure what I'm referring to, simply click on the link item to give you the information you need to complete the step.  For best results on your computer, use this checklist every 6 months to keep your computer running like new.

We'll first clean your computer, inside and out, then we'll look at the various software tune ups we can make to have your computer running its fastest.  The only tools you'll need to complete this task are a star screwdriver to remove the side panel on the computer, and a can of compressed air, or and air compressor with a spray nozzle to blast the dust bunnies out of the case.

TIP! I'm assuming you have the best computer virus protection installed on your computer, this will update itself so you won't find it on the list.

The Computer Maintenance Checklist

Connect all the connections on the back of your computer case and boot up Windows.  Once your Windows has booted, follow the steps below to complete the software maintenance.
  • Learn how I clean my computer to keep the components inside running their coolest.
  • Learn how to defragment your hard drives, this will keep the data you use the most on the fastest parts of the hard drive
  • Find out how to uninstall software that you no longer use will free up additional space on the hard drive for more speed.
  • If you don't already know how to update Windows, get this updated, then set it to automatic updates so you can remove this item from your checklist.
  • Many programs will get items to run when the computer boots up, learn how to use msconfig startup and disable items to free up system resources.
  • Get your computer backup up to date.  This way should anything on your computer fail, you won't lose any data.
  • If you have a computer battery backup, make sure you check your computer backup batteries with a self test.  This will make sure all systems are working properly when the unit needs to intervene.
If it's your first time doing this checklist, it's going to take your a while, but it is well worth it once you notice the performance gains.  After you keep on top of maintenance, it's something that will take you about an hour, but it will save you much more time because you're waiting for you computer much less.

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