The Best Computer Virus Protection

It can be quite a job finding the best computer virus protection.  All of them have different features and some are priced higher than others.  So for the purpose of this site, I will go over what I believe are the best 2 computer virus scanners and I'll explain why I like each of them.

TIP! Always make sure to set your virus software to update automatically at a time that's convenient for you.  This way your computer will always stay protected.

What I Call the Best Virus Protection

First for best computer virus protection is AVG.  The reasons are simple.  It comes with a completely free version that will not expire or shutdown on you.  The free version will scan for viruses and spyware.  You can also get support for this free version from their forums.

Now just because it's free doesn't mean that it isn't cheap or not very effective, it is a very good scanner, and because it's important to find the scanner that works for you, the free option is great to see if it's also something you like to work with.

If you do like the free version of AVG , I would recommend upgrading to the option that includes a rootkit protection as well.  You then do need to pay a fee for the program, but it is reasonably priced.  When building a computer for anyone, this is the software I put on, again because it won't expire and I like to make sure anyone I build a computer for is protected is some way.

Second, I like ZoneAlarm. The reasons for this are as follows.  It comes with my internet package, so it's free for me.  It has a virus scanner and spyware built in.  It also looks after rootkits and auto updates.  For me, it has a track record.  Simply put, it has never let me down.

Currently, I believe they still offer a free trial to get you started, but you will soon find yourself needing to upgrade or you virus protection will expire.

Either option is a good one.  Both options are priced similarly, and both will do an adequate job of looking after your computer for you.

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