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This Is How I Built My Home Computer.

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Built To Last  starstarstarstarstar
I built my last computer while still in college. Since I was still in school for computer science I needed a computer that would run several software compilers

Junk Yard Build  starstarstarstarstar
I have been an avid computer user for some time now, since kindergarten. I wondered what made a computer work, one day when I was 15 years of age I found

14 and Built a Gaming PC  Not rated yet
I've been working with computers ever since I was about 4 years old. I remember having a old Compaq PC in my room running Windows 98. I would casually

Build And Learn  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was with my father when I was 14. It was the summer before my sister was going off to college, and he had decided that, not

Teaching How To Build A Computer  Not rated yet
In the early 1990's, I worked as an admissions counselor for interdisciplinary Ph.D. students in Artificial Intelligence, Education, and Cognitive Science.

Build My Own Computer...With Linux  Not rated yet
I had built several computers before my latest attempt, but this one was a bit different. This computer I was planning on using Linux for the operating

Building A Computer Is Better  Not rated yet
I always wanted to have a very powerful computer but buying even the top of the line ones in the stores were not as good as what could be put together

Finally Got Dad An Upgrade  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was for my father. His old one was a piece of junk, and I had been telling him he needed a new one for about four years. He finally

Built So I Can Upgrade  Not rated yet
This last computer I built was based around the memory modules I had at hand. The motherboard and CPU in my previous computer was fried in a power surge,

I Repaired Them So I Tried To Build One  Not rated yet
Several months ago I decided that rather than buying a new high end desktop PC I would create my own from scratch. I was able to save several hundred dollars

Animation PC  Not rated yet
I was serving as Hp Technical Desktop support executive and there I was troubleshooting the Laptops and desktops and if required I used to build the computer's

Easy Build For Kevin  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was quite easy. I built it with my cousin Kevin, who was very excited to build his first computer. I had built computers in the

I Pulled My Hair Out Build  Not rated yet
Building my first (and last) computer turned out to be an interesting experience, but not for the reasons I originally conceived. In doing research on

Asus E5200 2.5GHz  Not rated yet
Last week I built a dual core computer powered by Asus.I used dual core E5200 2.5GH processor with Asus p5kplamps motherboard. I bought all the parts from

Motherboard Damaged During Heat Sink Installation  Not rated yet
I am very glad to share my experience of built my own PC. It took me 3 months to purchase parts alone. I bought optical Samsung wheel mouse and Samsung

Phenom II x4 955  Not rated yet
Often, in the past, I under-appreciated the importance of having a quality power supply (PSU) in my computer builds. Recently, my home office (read: gaming)

My First Build, A 386SX  Not rated yet
I have built many computers over the years starting with a 386SX 16 Megahertz system back in 1992. It is a good learning experience to select and assemble

Build 2 With My Fiance  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was actually the first computer I ever built. When my fiance and I got our tax return this past spring, we splurged on new machines.

Liquid Cooled Rig  Not rated yet
The last computer that I had built was a older Athlon XP system from a couple years back. It was a pretty nice system at the time, 2400 MHz. 2 gigs of

Add A Fan For Stability Build  Not rated yet
I had basic CELERON II SLOT TYPE computer, but I want to build new one, so, I brought GIGABYTE board from Singapore. In few weeks the board in my hand,

Case Cutting To Make The Video Card Fit  Not rated yet
Building your first computer is always a different experience for everyone. Their is just so much to think about when building a computer. So many different

Media Center PC  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was to be my home's main media center PC. I was focusing on the audio and video capabilities, but also strongly trying to keep

Loose Connections Lesson  Not rated yet
I had an old computer in house which was not working properly and required to replace with latest one. I built a new computer in 2008 for my home use.

Business Computer Build  Not rated yet
When my last business computer became overwhelmed with viruses after my daughter and niece inadvertently shut off my anti-virus programs while playing

LED Quad Core Build  Not rated yet
I always wanted to build my own computer rather than buying it off the shelf. I started my computer build by thinking about the aesthetics of the machine,

Build It And It Performs Longer  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was designed specifically for gaming purposes, I spent months upon months simply figuring out which parts to use. It was the

Do Your Component Research  Not rated yet
Computer Building has been a very frustrating experience to me at first. The first time I built my computer, I almost fried the motherboard without knowing

Online Parts And An Easy Build  Not rated yet
I built my most recent computer about 2 months ago. My older computer just couldn't do the things I needed to anymore and I decided to build from scratch

Ram Slot Confusion  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was the first computer I built. I bought all the parts I thought I would need from Newegg and was excited to get the whole thing

My Workhorse  Not rated yet
I finally built a computer with one of my favorite motherboard brands, which is TYAN. I like them because they are sturdy and very dependable. This motherboard

My First Build Was Easier Than I Thought  Not rated yet
Can you imagine someone about the age of 18 without a computer now-a-days? Hard isn't it. A computer is vital for everyone from kids to older people. When

Keep On Upgrading  Not rated yet
I have been building my own computers ever since my dad showed me how to install RAM and add on cards when I was a kid. These days, instead of building

Barebones And Beer  Not rated yet
So there I was in the spring of 2008, making a pair of 2-year-old name brand computers limp along, trying to use them for things like file downloads, entertainment,

Build It Patiently  Not rated yet
The last computer I built was more of a undertaking for Dr. Frankenstein. I had found an old used Gateway Essentials computer on sale for about 10$ dollars

CPU Power Needed In My Computer Build  Not rated yet
Computers are one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I especially love to build them myself. I have found that the the best way for me to start is by

My Super PC  Not rated yet
It's good to have you here to share my experiences of building My Super PC, here's what I do. Select the components that you would like to be in your

An Old Gaming Computer  Not rated yet
Back when I was young and foolish I remember how eager and excited I was to build my first gaming computer. At the time, I didn't really have a clue about

More Power Computer Build  Not rated yet
This is my fourth home made computer. The first was made from scratch in 1978, a Z-80 microprocessor and 200 assorted chips on a foot square wire wrap

Build 30 Workstation Computers  Not rated yet
Several years ago I worked for a company that experienced a sudden need for thirty personal computers. My boss asked me to build thirty workstations for

Building My Personal Computer  Not rated yet
To begin with I must say, that anyone can to learn to build his own personal computer. Now a days, there is plenty of information available on internet-blogs,

Building Your Own Computer  Not rated yet
Building your own computer is an experience in itself. I have built quite a number of computers in 4 years since what started as curiosity. The very

The Girlfriend's Computer Build  Not rated yet
My girlfriend's computer recently died and she decided that instead of trying to troubleshoot and figure out what happened, she would just upgrade completely.

My First Build  Not rated yet
It's been so long ago I'm really going to have to reach into my memory. The first system I put together was a real adventure for me. I sold the computer

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