Build My Own Computer...With Linux

I had built several computers before my latest attempt, but this one was a bit different. This computer I was planning on using Linux for the operating system. I had played around with Linux for several years prior, but I decided I wanted to switch to it full time.

I had to put in quite a bit of research beforehand, so as to make sure all my parts were Linux compatible, before I even began purchasing. I also wanted quality so I decided to use Asus parts as much as possible.

I settled on an AMD 5200+ CPU with 2gb of Crucial memory and an Asus nVidia 9600GSO GPU on an Asus M2N-SLI motherboard in an Asus case. I used the hard drive from my old computer which was already a SATA drive, as well as my old DVD burner and wireless network adapter.

I thought everything was fine, and assembled the computer with no problems. Only after installing the Linux operating system did I discover that I had no sound. I found this odd as Linux had always worked 'out of the box' with sound and I had never had any problems with that aspect of it. I was able to trace the problem down to my new PC's soundcard (built in) being on the USB bus, whereas all my previous ones had been PCI.

Evidently, Linux and USB sound doesn't play well together. I tried to get that working for several days, but eventually just went and bought a Soundblaster Audigy PCI card so I could have sound. Live and learn, right? Anyway, I've been using this computer for about a year now, running Ubuntu Ultimate v2.4 and couldn't be happier.

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