LAN Definition

The LAN definition is Local Area Network.  It can be a any connection that is used to connect one computer to another.  Typically a LAN consists of several computer connected via and Ethernet cable.  It's the cable on the back of a computer that looks like a big telephone connector.

Not only can computers be on a LAN these days, there are many devices that will use an Ethernet LAN to connect to the internet.  Anything from a PS3 to and Xbox or my Western Digital TV Live media player which uses the connection to play video from either the internet or my computer.

If you ever run out of Ethernet port on a computer, you can buy an add on card that will fit into either a PCI-e port which is number 6 or 7, or a PCI card which will fit into number 8.



Ethernet LAN's have come a long way in recent years.  To get the fastest connection, get what's called gigabit LAN or 10/100/1000 or the 10/100/1000/10000 which should be out in the next year or 2.

The easiest way to set up a LAN at home is with a router.  You can check our Linksys router setup page for more information.  All you need to do is setup the router once, then plug in any devices you want on your network to make a stable connection. 
The other advantage is, if you ever change computers you don't have to set up the connection again.

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