The Computer DVD Drive

The computer dvd drive is just like the DVD player for your home theater.  The difference is that the computer DVD player can also be used for files and data.   dvd romThe same goes for CD-Roms and Blu-Ray.

Since most DVD, Blu-ray and CD drives for your computer are still in IDE format, you'll need to know how to set jumpers.  The jumper in this picture is the small green item on the left of this picture.  Move it to the position labeled CS, short for Cable Select.

If you have a SATA DVD drive, the installation won't require that you move any jumpers at all.  You'll simply connect the SATA to the motherboard, then connect the power supply to the DVD drive, after you have installed the drive into the bay. Detailed installation is offered below.


When connecting the IDE cable to the motherboard, keep in mind to use the last plug first when connecting the drive.  This will be set to the Master drive because of which plug it's on.  The other is the Slave.

It does not matter which drive is the master or which drive is the slave unless your main hard drive is IDE.  If this is the case, it must be set to master.

If you'd like to watch a video with a start to finish installation, follow this link.

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