Where Do You Recomend Buying Parts From Online?

by David

The one thing that has always put me off building my own PC is the idea of paying X hundreds of dollars for a component which gets mailed from anonymous company Z.

Are there any suppliers you can recommend, or perhaps review? (or even better, allow readers to comment on their experiences with?)


Great question, there are so many different companies, which do you trust. I have tried a bunch over a number of years and always go back to TigerDirect.com.

Reason 1 - If you ever need support, order a part that arrives dead for example, they have a number listed on the website and they are very quick to fix whatever is wrong.

Reason 2 - Every thing that they sell on the site is available with comments from users. They use an overall star rating system. If you find a part you like, just scroll to the bottom of the page to see what other people say.

Reason 3 - They have very good prices, yes some parts you will find cheaper at other sites, but some you find cheaper at TigerDirect.com. Over all, as far is prices are concerned, in the end, I feel I get the best price.

Reason 4 - If you check their site regularly, you'll find some amazing deals. Their weekly specials are often insane.

Reason 5 - Often times you can find mail in rebates on the site that will get you $20 to $40 cash back on your purchases.

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