Where Can I Find Information To Compare Mac's With IBM's?

by Sherilyn
(Sullivan, IN)

I use my laptop almost exclusively for both business and personal needs. I've been informed I'll have to replace it within a year. My computer frequently frustrates me almost to tears. It seems that it just isn't reliable.

I've heard many people recommend Macintosh computers, but I just don't know much about them. Could you tell me where I can get comparison information between the two types of machines? This isn't an emergency situation, but I'll probably need to make a decision within the next six months.


The best advice I can give you about the difference between Mac's and IBM's is to try one at a store.

I worked with both for a number of years, on the same applications, doing the same jobs. It is mostly a flavor difference. It comes down to what you prefer. Both do the jobs well, but slightly different when it comes to user interface.

My experience with people and their preference is, Mac users only like Macs. IBM users only like IBMs. I have yet to find a user that likes both.

With a Mac compatibility can be an issue, so also before you buy make sure it can run the programs that you want it to. If it can and you want to know, go to a retailer you trust and ask if you can have a quiet place to use one for an hour. If they are interested in getting something you really like, they'll accommodate you. I've passed this advice to a bunch of people, it seems to really help them decide what they like.

The short difference is going to be this. It is tougher to find programs to work on the Mac but they will be more stable as a result. The IBM will run anything you ever want it to, but are more prone to viruses because it is the industry standard.

In the end, the best choice on which one to buy will be what you like to work with. No one likes a tool they can't enjoy using.

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