The Video Card

The video card, or GPU, is often the most important part for anybody the playsvideo card games on their computer.  If you will be watching any movies or playing any 3D games, you should consider getting a GPU to make the most out of your system.

If you just use your computer for anything other than playing 3D games, you should be fine using the graphics card that is built into a motherboard.  You can also try this option and if you decide to start playing games or would just like better quality video you can easily add this component later on.

Choosing a Video Card

Choosing the best graphics card for what you can afford is really simple for me.
This is usually the last piece I buy, the reason is simple, I spend as much of what's left on my budget here to get the most out of the games I play.

The first thing I look for is brand name, I choose Nvidia made by BFG.  I have had the best success with these cards so I see no reason to change.  Visit the How To Build A Computer page and check out the section on benchmarks and reviews to get the best video card you can for whatever the amount of money you are spending.

If you are a gamer and would like additional information about your cards, check out this interview, there is even more information about graphic cards you will find beneficial.


  • Step 1 - Take the tab out of the back of the case, where the connections to your monitor will go.
empty case
  • Step 2 - Line up the card with the slotand push firmly to seat the card on the motherboard.  Notice the blue tab on the far right of the picture.  If you ever remove your graphics card, you will need to move that tab away from the card as you pull the card up.
pci express slot
  • Step 3 - Put the single screw in to fasten it to the case, or move the lock for quick cases.
  • Step 4 - Be sure to check if your graphics card requires additional power from the power supply.  If it does connect power to it as well.  The power connectors have different connections to prevent you from putting the wrong one on.
power to video card

TIP! If your graphics card requires additional power but you don't have a connector that is the same shape from your power supply, you can usually buy an adapter from your nearest electronics store.

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