Bypass Windows XP Password or any Windows Password

Recently, to get a computer to work, I had to bypass Windows XP password.  I actually ended up removing it completely.  This is another reminder to make sure you make proper backups, although the methods I describe here is really reliable, it doesn't work all the time.

First, before you attempt these methods, I urge you, think long and hard and try to remember your password.  Use these methods as a last resort.  This is just in case anything goes wrong and you end up having to reinstall Windows all together.  If you follow directions and read prompts, you should be okay.

To use this method, you'll need to be able to burn an image file on a computer.

Step by Step Bypass Windows XP Password

First, you'll need to get yourself a freeware program called Offline NT Password and Registry Editor.  The download link is about half way down the page.  After you have the ISO disk image file downloaded, burn it to a disk.

Next, you'll need to boot your computer off of this disk.  Put the CD in the drive and start your computer, when prompted push a key to boot from CD.  If you are not asked to boot from the CD, reboot the computer and enter the BIOS.  Change the boot order so it boots from the CD before the hard drive.  You can change this back later if you need, or just leave it.

You'll see a bunch of text go by as the disk loads, once it's finished, if you have multiple hard drive partitions, you'll have to pick the one that has Windows on it. Don't worry, if you choose the wrong one, you'll just need to restart and pick another number.

The next question it will ask you, is the location of the registry, select enter to choose the default, almost all the time, the default is correct.  Select enter again to load this information.  Now, once prompted, push enter to edit user data and Password.

Next, type the name of an administrator whose password you'd like to clear and push enter.  You can choose the option you like, I simply clear the password at this option, you can add it back once your in Windows.  Typing 1 and pushing enter will do this.  If it went well, you should see password disabled.  Then type ! to quit and push enter, push q and enter to exit.  You should now be asked if you would like to save, select y and push enter.

That's it, all done, simply remove the CD, restart the computer and you should be good to go.  If not, repeat the steps selecting a different user.  After reading this you might think it's tough to bypass windows xp password, this is going to be out of your league.  It is really easy with the software linked above.

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