The Ultra Power Supply

In my opinion, the Ultra power supply is the best power supply available on the market, as long as you don't by the low end ones.  The company stands behind the product they sell.  At the time of this writing, this company offers a lifetime guarantee on some of their power supplies.  The best part is, you still don't have to pay any more for the best versus another brand name power supply.

ultra power supply

Why Is Ultra Better?

The Ultra power supply has its 12v power on 1 rail.  Most other power supplies have the 12v rail on 2.  Great, what does this mean for you?  It's simple, you don't have to worry about maxing out one rail, and having one at low wattage, thus tripping your power supply to fail or blow an internal fuse if it has one.

They also come with a ton of connections.  I find that when I use this power supply, I don't have to worry if have enough connections, or the right connections for the job.  The ones I typically run short of are the 8 pin and 4 pin motherboard connections, as well as SATA connections.  I have yet to use a power adapter wire to be able to connect power to all my devices.

They have a large fan that has speed automatically controlled on the amount of power the unit is using.  I love this option as its the same option I use with the rest of my computer.  It keep my system running quiet as the fan only runs as fast as it needs to instead of running at maximum speed.  This not only makes sense, the system as a whole becomes much more silent because it is rare you have a computer maxed out for any length of time.

TIP! My current rule of thumb when buying an Ultraicon is, if it comes with the lifetime warranty, you and Ultra both know you have a winning power supply.  The 650W and the 750W power supplies currently are also really well priced.

My favorite reason for picking this power supply is simple.  When I overclock my CPU, the voltage drop on the CPU is very minimal when the workload gets turned up.  This increases the amount I can overclock my system as stable voltage not only increases how long computer components will last, it does effect stability, especially when you are pushing your limits.

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