ASUS P5QL PRO Motherboard RAM

by Billy
(Waterford, NJ, US)

I currently have 2 slots filled with 1 gb in each slot, the other 2 are open, and i want a total of 6 gb of ram, please suggest me a link to a ram kit that is compatible and a nice price, I do alot of gaming on my computer, and they all run on the 2 gb that i have now, but I would like to have this for computer speed and better gaming performance, i can currently run Crysis on my build, but not in ultra high settings.


The first thing you will need to do since this is an upgrade is find out what RAM you are currently running since all the sticks need to be the same speed.

To check RAM speed if you don't know, get CPU-Z grab the zip file, or the installer if you're not sure which version you need and install it. Once it's setup, run the program and click on the SPD tab. Look for Max Bandwidth. It will show you a number like 6400 or 8500. This is the current RAM speed you are running so we will match this up.

If you have 6400 RAM my upgrade would be Corsair 6400 RAM.
If you have 8500 RAM go with the Corsair 8500 RAM.

TIP! When you install, put both 1GB sticks into the same color slot, and both 2 GB sticks in the same color slot so you can run your RAM in dual channel to get the most out of the RAM.

You have a nice motherboard, the RAM upgrade will be a solid one for your system as I noticed you only had 2GB total which is a little low these days. Remember, you need to have a 64 bit operating system to use more than 3GB of RAM.

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