Installing A Motherboard Made Easy

Installing a motherboard into a computer is easy.  It is the most time consuming because every single component plugs into the motherboard so replacing one means you have to pull the entire computer apart, then rebuild it.  If you prefer, you can watch the video of how to install a motherboard.


Follow the steps below to get your motherboard mounted in your case.  Click on any of the images to get a larger view.

  • Step 1 - Take your case and remove the cover on the left side.  Put the case on its side, and install the motherboard mounts.
empty case
  • Step 2 - Install the motherboard mounts.
motherboard mounts
  • Step 3 - Only put the mounts where you need them to line up with the screw holes on the motherboard.  What I do is start from the top, and work my way down, holding the motherboard as a reference. If you prefer, use a tape measure to make sure all your motherboard mounts are going into the correct location.
motherboard mount placement

Make sure you don't add any extra mounts, doing so will probably cause permanent damage to your motherboard.

  • Step 4 - Get your motherboard screws.
motherboard screws
  • Step 5 - Match up the rear panel that snaps into the case, with the rear connectors on the motherboard.  This part will be included with your motherboard, or the computer case.
match rear case panel with motherboard
  • Step 6 - Snap the rear panel in place in your computer case.
motherboard rear computer case panel
  • Step 7 - Now that your mounts are all in place and the case is ready to mount your motherboard, carefully put the motherboard into place.  Then tighten the screws.
mounted motherboard

TIP! Take your time when putting this into the case, the network connections will almost always catch onto the rear plate that snaps into your case.

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