Installing A Computer Power Supply

Installing a computer power supply is an easy task the is simply just a matter of putting the connections into the right place.  Since they all have different shapes so you can't put them into the wrong connections, I consider this a really easy job, even for a beginner.  The toughest part honestly, is finding a place to put the extra wires so they stay out of your fans.

power supply

When doing a computer build, this is my very last step.  If you put the power supply in to early, you'll find it very tough to install any of the other components or coolers.  This really does fill up the case, saving it for the last step really makes it a snap.

Your motherboard will likely have an additional power supply connector somewhere close the CPU, as well as it's main connector, some also require a 3rd power connection near the bottom.  The great part of installing the power supply is that all the connectors have different shapes, so if they fit, you're good to go as the voltages will all be correct on the corresponding poles.

Installing A Computer Power Supply Video

Pictorial Installation

TIP! Use your extra drive bays to store unused power supply connectors so they don't effect your air flow, or get caught in any fans.

There are four screws on the back of you computer case that hold the power supply in place.  Just put the power supply in place and put the screws in.

Connect Power to the Motherboard

  • Step 1 - Find the motherboard power wires from your power supply.
motherboard power connectors
  • Step 2 - Locate the main power connectors on the motherboard, and plug the power wires into them.  In this case the bottom 2 connectors in the picture above snap together, then are plugged into the main power supply connector on the motherboard.
motherboard with atx power connected

TIP! Every connection on the motherboard needs to have power supplied to it.  The picture below is incorrect.

motherboard with missing power connectorMotherboard with a missing power connector.
  • Step 3 - Look for any other power connections on the motherboard.
secondary motherboard power connector
  • Step 4 - Connect power to secondary power connectors on the motherboard.
motherboard secondary power

To connect power to the rest of the components you can click the links below.
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